Selecting a Computer Forensic Expert
    There are a number of issues you should consider when selecting a computer forensic expert.  
    Experience and time spent testifying in court proceedings are paramount to selecting an expert
    examiner and witness.
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12835 E Arapahoe Rd, Tower 1, Ste 130      Ph 303.927.6006  Fax 303.663.8529
John Davis, Summary of Expert Qualifications:

    I have twenty four years experience as a criminal investigator and spent the last 15 years of my law
    enforcement career as a Senior Investigator with the Eighteenth Judicial District Attorney’s office. In that
    capacity, I investigated and supported through trial, a wide range of cases to include complex financial crimes,
    homicide cases, and cases involving government integrity. Beginning in 1993, I became one of the only criminal
    investigators in the state investigating computer-related crimes.

    In 2001 I was instrumental in establishing the Colorado Regional Computer Forensic Laboratory, a multi-
    jurisdictional computer forensic laboratory that provided computer forensic services to all federal, state and
    local law enforcement agencies operating in Colorado. Once operational, I was the Operations Manager of that
    laboratory until 2005 when I moved to the private sector. In addition to supervising all examiners assigned to the
    laboratory, I performed computer forensic services for the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, DEA, ICE, CBI, and a wide
    range of other state and local agencies. In 2002 I was named Investigator of the Year by the twenty two of the
    elected District Attorney’s in the state in recognition of my contributions to the field of computer crime
    investigations and computer forensic services.  

    In 2005 I worked for a short time for Digitalmedix as the Director of Forensic Services. I founded Colorado
    Computer Forensics that same year and have been providing computer forensic and data recovery services
    and investigations for a number of governmental agencies, law firms, businesses and the general public in a
    wide range of cases including intellectual property theft, probate cases, divorce cases, and employment issues.

    I have over 1,100 hours of specialized and advanced computer forensic training and hold A+ and Net+
    (COMPTIA) certifications as well as current certifications as a Computer Forensic Examiner (EnCE) through the
    Encase Corporation, and CFCE through the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialist
    (IACIS).  I have served as an IACIS coach to assist those attempting to attain CFCE certification. I am a Certified
    Field Search Instructor (CFSI) through N.L.E.C.T.C.  

    I have participated in the examination of thousands of pieces of digital evidence to include servers, personal
    computers, Mac computers, cell phones, and removable media devices related to well over two hundred
    criminal and civil investigations.

    I have testified as a computer forensic expert in a number of cases and participated as a group leader on a
    NIST project that resulted in the publication of a guide on how to conduct Internet and network-based
    investigations. Details of that activity are described later in this document.