Colorado Computer Forensics
Colorado's Leader in Computer Forensics and Data Recovery
Computer Forensics is an emerging field that requires expertise in computer operating systems, file systems, rules of evidence,
and the ability to communicate what can be complicated issues in a concise, straight forward manner. Colorado Computer
Forensics was formed by computer forensic experts with extensive law enforcement backgrounds. We have real-world experience
in providing these services in a high-volume computer forensic laboratory to a wide range of clients.

When the reputation of your law firm, your client, your business, or your freedom are at stake, you can't afford to find out during your
expert's testimony that they failed to anticipate technical and legal issues, destroyed or failed to properly handle important
evidence, or that they can not defend their forensic methodologies and findings in the face of an experienced Computer Forensics
Certified Computer Forensic Experts with extensive, real-world experience
Expertize investigating complex crimes, embezzlement, and sensitive internal investigations
Court-recognized experts in Computer Forensics  
Our examiners have performed computer forensic services for:
  • FBI
  • U.S. Secret Service
  • Immigration and Customs (ICE)
  • DEA
  • Numerous Local Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Prosecutor's Offices
  • Small Law Firms
  • Corporations
  • Private and Corporate Investigators
  • Private Individuals
All of our forensic professionals are specifically trained in Computer Forensics and have examined
thousands of pieces of digital evidence in a wide range of cases to include homicides, missing persons,
identity theft, organized crime, sexual exploitation of children, computer intrusion, embezzlement,
employee misconduct, intellectual property theft, and internal corporate investigations.  
Colorado Computer Forensics provides:
Computer Forensic Services
12835 E Arapahoe Rd, Tower 1, Ste 130      Ph 303.927.6006  Fax 303.663.8529
12835 E Arapahoe Rd, Tower 1, Ste 130      Ph 303.927.6006  Fax 303.663.8529